Play-to-Earn vs. Play-and-Earn

If you’ve spent time on Web3, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Play-to-Earn. Play-to-Earn was arguably the most hyped innovation in blockchain gaming in the past year. However, as with many meteoric rises, it crashed-landed in the bearish market.  Yet, it’s not the bear market that’s entirely to blame. Play-to-Earn has an inherent conflict with the ethos […]

Why Blockchain Gaming is the Future?

What is the Blockchain? The blockchain is a chain of data blocks on a decentralized network. These records are accessible and transparent to all users. They cannot be altered and provide a secure and complete recorded history of all data on the network. What are NFTs? NFTs stand for non-fungible-token. They are one-of-a-kind items that […]